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5 SECRETS to increase your income as a Personal Trainer

Hey trainer! Let me tell you if you want to sell more personal training sessions, you have to stop selling personal trainings. Let us cut to the chase and stop beating around the bush. After reading this article, you will take with you strategies for selling more personal trainings. Like you, I have also had

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Home training

The SECRET to get an AMAZING BODY in 20 minutes of exercise

Hey athlete!  Or should I say, sport lover or beginner. Well, as long as you have the goal of wanting to improve your physical condition to obtain an athletic body with a toned body musculature and a flat stomach following a novel training method, this is for you. If you are one of those people

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Home training

The best-kept SECRET for GLUTES of STEEL

Hello! I am sure you have once asked yourself how you could get an amazing bottom: a firm, strong, cellulite-free and fluid-retentive one. If you could also find the formula for a flat stomach and toned legs and arms, we would be talking about the perfect scenario. If this is your case, you need to

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Gym owners

6 KEYS to increase the clientele of your SPORTS CENTER or GYM

Hey sports manager! Congratulations! If you are the owner of a sports center, you are a real fighter. I know it first-hand since I currently manage three sports centers in Spain. Center or gym managers are all-rounders. We have to deal with countless daily tasks: employee management, schedule planning, maintaining machinery, quarterly accounting, etc. So

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Beauty salon and medical center owners

TIPS to increase the clientele of your medical/aesthetic CENTER

Do you feel that you can get more out of your beauty salon or medical/aesthetic center? Are you one of those entrepreneurs who seek continuous improvement? Congratulations! If you are the owner of a medical/aesthetic center, you are a real fighter. I know it first hand since I manage three centers in Spain. Center or

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