5 SECRETS to increase your income as a Personal Trainer

Hey trainer!


Let me tell you if you want to sell more personal training sessions, you have to stop selling personal trainings. Let us cut to the chase and stop beating around the bush. After reading this article, you will take with you strategies for selling more personal trainings.

Like you, I have also had a strong need to increase my income as a trainer, and it was not until I understood the importance of applying a number of strategies that I was able to increase the number of my clients.

And I will explain:

When a person looks for a personal training service, he/she does it because he/she is not satisfied with his or her current physical situation (overweight, back pain, postpartum preparation, etc.). 

The user looks for a solution to his or her problem. He/she does not buy the means or training; he/she buys the final solution to the problem he/she has.

Therefore, if you want more clients for your personal training service, you will have to sell them the solution. If we obtain results, we get the client. Become obsessed with giving consistent, effective results in the shortest time possible

The results will allow you to:

  1. Increase the number of new clients
  2. Increase the number of sessions with clients I already have
  3. Reduce my client abandonment rate

To sell the solution, you will need to make your training sessions as effective as possible in the shortest time possible. This is the only way to “catch the client,” thus increasing the number of trainings and reducing the dropout rate.

How do I make the effects of my training more effective in the shortest time possible?

The strategies to follow to increase your income by selling more personal trainings are based on the following secrets.

SECRET 1: Technology

Use the latest technology to achieve the goal your client wants. Today there are numerous technological advances applied to fitness that will help you to meet your client’s needs.

In particular, advanced integral electrostimulation is an incredible tool for achieving the desired effects in a short time: personal electrofitness workouts, twice a week, for only 20 minutes. Fast and super effective for the client.

It will also allow you to:

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SECRET 2: Differentiation

Differentiate yourself from the competition. What services or what kind of strategies set you apart from other trainers? What are you offering differently so that clients will hire your services?

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To sell more personal training sessions, you need to specialize to differentiate yourself from the rest of competitors. 

If you simply sell personal trainings, you will be selling the same as 95% of personal trainers, and the only reason you will be giving prospective clients to buy your service is the price. In addition, we would enter the low-price war (I do not recommend you to enter this fight).

If you do not differentiate yourself from the rest and want to sell more personal training services, you will have to compete on price by lowering your rates, and, consequently, spend more time on achieving the same goals.

And NO! This is the solution of a conformist trainer.

Differentiate yourself from the rest of the trainers. Become a trainer who offers within his or her services trainings with the latest technology applied to fitness.

For example, you can use the advanced integral electrostimulation suit, and you will give your future clients a good reason to hire your services due to the differentiation from the great mass of personal trainers.

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SECRET 3: Social Networking

Amplify your specialized service and differentiate yourself from other personal trainers by using the great potential of social networks.

The objective is to transform our potential clients who do not know us at all (cold traffic) into clients willing to consume our differentiating service.

For them, we will create quality advertisements selling the effects of our service. It is very important to offer a differentiating service from traditional trainers.

Ex: Get the body you have always wanted in just two months using the latest technology in fitness. Expert personal trainer in electrofitness.

Create quality articles and advertise them on social networks. The content of these services can be the effects that your users or clients can achieve by using:

Ex: The most effective method to get the flat tummy you have always wanted, applying for it the latest technology in fitness. Find out.

SECRET 4: Earn Their Trust

Increase your clients’ confidence through the methodology we use as a personal trainer.

If you want to increase the rate of clients who contract your services, you will have to increase the trust they place in you. That is to say, in order to gain their trust, we will have to offer them “something” that will help us gain their confidence.

And what “something” can we give them?

I recommend a graphic or visual material that highlights the effects and benefits of the methodology you are using. It would help if you highlighted the benefits that your client will get from your services.

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For example, for a client who wants to lose weight we can offer a book with a variety of exercises to lose weight, a guide with the technology we use to reach the goal or nutritional tips to enhance fat burning.

If you are applying the latest technology such as the electrofitness service, you can offer them the complete electrofitness guide, so they can understand the countless benefits of the system and all the scientific support for which this type of workout is backed up.

📥 >>I provide this guide for your clients for free. You can download it and give it to them so that they have solid arguments, and hire your services.<<

SECRET 5: Excellence

Offer excellent service.

Once we have gained his/her trust and the client is willing to try our services, it is time to show off by giving a top-quality service.

Here the goal is excellence. To acquire a long-term client and to achieve this, I will be sincere: You must create in the client the sensation of:

  • Surprise because of the application of a novel training.
  • Uniqueness since he has the latest technology tools that we have already discussed.
  • Achieving in the shortest time possible the effects, that he/she is looking for. 

I encourage you to try the system and see what technology can do for your client.

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