5 TIPS to reduce the dropout rate of clients in Personal Training

Hello trainer!

Are you tired of working hard to get new clients for them to drop out after they finish their block of sessions?

If, like me, you love your profession as a trainer and offer a professional quality service, but have a percentage of clients who abandon your service, let me tell you that you need to apply the latest technology as one of the strategies to improve the loyalty rate.

If, on the other hand, the service you offer is not professional, start by improving this aspect, and stop reading this article because it is not for you.

As in many other sectors, technology is bursting in to improve our lives. Applying technology to my services as a personal trainer was a turning point in my professional career. I realized its importance by making it my loyal workmate from that moment on.

Below I am going to provide you with some advice that I have gained from my extensive experience using technology as a fundamental tool to increase my income as a personal trainer, get more clients and reduce the dropout rate.

Tip 1: Scientific Support

Make sure you verify that the technology used is supported by scientific studies and assures you of the effect of the training to achieve the client’s objectives.

Any system that you want to apply with the maximum guarantee and achieve the results required by your client must be supported by scientific literature. In my case, I use the latest technology in electrofitness, and an example of scientific studies on which I base on are THESE (In this link, you can review them).

Tip 2: Training effect

Use technology that allows you to increase the effects of your workout.

Rely on technological systems that increase the effects compared to conventional training. Apply the latest technology in fitness to achieve a greater effect from your workouts and offer the desired results to your client. We cannot forget that the client buys results; he/she does not buy the means to achieve them.

I invite you to discover the benefits of applying advanced integral electrostimulation and see how you can achieve an activation of more than 350 muscles in your client, thus managing to increase the effectiveness of the workout and, therefore, achieve the effects set to meet our client’s objectives sooner.

In today’s society, we have an increasingly demanding client who seeks great results with the least possible effort. We know perfectly well that this, as such, does not exist. Magic in the sports sector is a lie, but we have to try to get as close to it as possible.

If you want to reduce the dropout rate, apply technology to differentiate yourself from your competition.

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Tip 3: Time Factor

Use technology that allows you to reduce the time to achieve the results your client wants.

“Time is money” as the old saying goes, and it is especially relevant in today’s busy world. Nowadays, if you want to differentiate yourself as a personal trainer, it is no longer enough to provide results; you also have to do it in the shortest time possible. Just as we have to increase the effectiveness of our training, we will also have to reduce the time in offering results to our clients. We can do it by applying appropriate technology.

How can we achieve this?

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In the case of electrofitness, in addition to training in a shorter time (20 minutes instead of 45 minutes or 1 hour, as in the case of traditional training), we also achieve results sooner due to the strong and complete muscular activation of the entire body.

It is very important to emphasize that reducing the time of our training sessions and achieving results sooner does not mean that we are lowering the quality. It means applying the right technology supported by scientific literature to get results in less training time and with less effort.

Give your client what he/she wants; offer him/her fast and effective results.

Therefore, to reduce the time of our workouts without reducing their effectiveness, we have to rely on the latest technology applied in the fitness sector with which we will achieve surprising results with short 20-minutes training sessions.

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Tip 4: Increase your ability to offer the service

Use a technology that allows you to give support to several users simultaneously in the same training session.

Many clients seek to have a good time training in addition to wanting to achieve results. Therefore, lean on pair or group training to achieve greater motivation, user involvement, and increase healthy competitiveness. This will reduce your dropout rate.

In addition, use some software such as the virtual trainer incorporated in the electrofitness equipment that allows you to offer a service to several users simultaneously. This virtual trainer will facilitate things for you, as you only have to worry about the users performing the exercises suggested by the virtual trainer correctly.

From my own experience, if you do not have a support that allows you to focus on the really important thing: the correct execution and pace of the session, it is impossible for you to offer the service to several users at the same time.

Optimize your workouts!

Tip 5: Scale your business as a trainer 

Do you know that if your growth as a trainer depends on your time, one day, you will reach the maximum limit, and you will not be able to continue increasing the service?

Use technology that allows you to scale up your personal training service. To scale your personal training business and increase your income, you have to use technology that allows you to do so.

Take this well-learned tip with you: Your training services do not end when you finish training with your users.

The key is to continue providing the service in a digital way. In addition to the face-to-face training sessions, we will offer our services at a distance so that our clients can continue to be fully covered with an excellent service.

With SmartBodyFit besides applying the latest technology in electrofitness, you can become a digital trainer and offer your services to the customer at a distance, making it possible to scale your business by increasing turnover. With the built-in software for athletes and trainers, you will be able to:

  • Design and personalize your distance training plans.
  • Control the progress of your athletes.
  • Share programs, sessions, and exercises with full detail instantly.
  • Direct communication and training feedback through the application.

Discover all the advantages that the appropriate application of the latest fitness technology can bring to your personal training services.

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I encourage you to try the system and see what technology can do for your client.

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