6 KEYS to increase the clientele of your SPORTS CENTER or GYM

Hey sports manager!

Congratulations! If you are the owner of a sports center, you are a real fighter. I know it first-hand since I currently manage three sports centers in Spain.

Center or gym managers are all-rounders. We have to deal with countless daily tasks: employee management, schedule planning, maintaining machinery, quarterly accounting, etc.

So my most sincere congratulations. If you are at the forefront of this beloved but long-suffering profession, this article is for you.

If you are one of those who think you could get more out of your sports center’s facilities or want to increase the number of clients that come to your center, read ahead because we are going to look at some of the keys that helped me to:

  • Attract new users
  • Increased the loyalty of existing customers
  • Decrease the dropout rate

If you are seeing that the growth of your gym has slowed down or the rate of clients has decreased, we are going to see a series of very practical tips to increase your clientele:

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Tip 1: Apply the latest technology

This is, without a doubt, the most valuable advice I can give you.

Applying technology was the best decision I ever made in sports centers because, for a low investment, I have had a high return. This is what the return on investment (ROI) says.

I am thrilled because I made the right decision. Let me continue explaining it to you.

Tip 2: Break the monotony

Before, I used to offer at my center traditional workouts like any other gyms. Then I discovered the experience of applying technology in my sports facilities. In retrospect, I can tell you without a doubt that my center was an old-fashioned one that offered normal services, of little relevance, and no added value.

If you want to increase your clientele, you will have to apply services that differentiate you from your competition. The client buys results. Nowadays, we are facing a very demanding clientele since they demand quick results in a short time. 

Do you see yourself capable of giving the client what they are looking for?

After incorporating technological tools and the electrofitness service in my gym, I have managed to:

  • Increase the number of clients by offering a new and exclusive service.
  • Increase the retention of existing ones. I have earned the client’s trust, as he/she sees very fast results compared to traditional weight training/bodybuilding.
  • Decrease the abandonment rate because it has allowed me to improve customer loyalty by offering more activities and support.

In this way, I have managed to differentiate myself from the competition and scale my business, as we will see below:

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Without a doubt, incorporating technological tools has been the best decision I made for my own business. 

I know that until you do not test its effects, you are not aware of the positive return it has.  I felt the same way I was a little skeptical. However, I encourage you to try electrofitness and see the effects it has in this increasingly digital society with judgmental and exquisite clients.

Tip 3: Offer results

Get used to selling results. Statistics tell us that a client buys results, not the services or the means to get to the results.

Offer to lose “x amount of weight in x days” following “the x treatment”. Do not offer spinning classes in general. Offer electrofitness sessions to lose 3 kg in 3 weeks (6 sessions).

My experience dictates that the results obtained in the clients are your best asset to earn their trust, increase their loyalty, and reduce the abandonment rate.

I recommend that you use technology to achieve deep, lasting, visible results, but above all, fast. Remember that you need to earn their trust quickly, and we need to do it before they drop out.

Therefore, it is very important that you offer short-term results in the initial stages (obviously, our medium / long-term goal is different). Let me tell you that applying the latest fitness technology can help you a lot.

With high-intensity training using electrofitness you will be able to work more than 350 muscles simultaneously in 20-minute sessions.

Do you have an idea of ​​the caloric expenditure that this implies?

The user in a few sessions will see very significant changes, such as:

  • Fat percentage reduction and muscle mass increase. In order for the user to verify with data the changes that are taking place in his/her body, you can offer him/her a quick bioelectrical impedance analysis.
  • Soreness effect. We have commented on the importance of achieving what our client is looking for in a short time. Be careful not to overdo it with intensity in each of the muscle groups. With this technology, you can literally break the muscles. The intensity should gradually be increased session after session.
  • Cellulite reduction. This system has a specific anti-cellulite program, which is used after the training session. Women love it. 
  • Visual and aesthetic improvement. If we change the internal structure of muscles and tendons and our organism’s metabolism, we will obtain visible changes in our figure in a short time.

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Tip 4: Gain customer trust

Our goal as managers or trainers is to earn the customer’s trust. This is the only known formula if we want to increase our income as entrepreneurs in the fitness sector.

Winning the client’s trust means offering them what they came for and the results they have bought from you. To increase customer confidence in our services, we will have to improve the variables seen before.

Lean on technology to get the long-awaited results your client wants.

Tip 5: Scale your business outside of sports facilities

Expand your business vision. Increase your turnover.

Yes, it seems simple, but how do we do it?

Use technological tools that allow you to continue offering the training service to your clients on the days they do not come to your gym.

I personally use Smartbodyfit technology with a mobile application that allows me to offer the service outside the gym. This way, my client does not have to look elsewhere for what I can offer him/her, thus increasing my income.

This mobile software allows the interconnection between trainer and athlete and the design and customization of training plans. Scale your business and increase the turnover by not needing to be physically present during the user’s training.

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Tip 6: Differentiate yourself from the competition


Last but not least, I strongly advise you to differentiate yourself from your competition and the traditional gym. 

If you want to be exclusive, you will have to do unique things. Offer services that your competition does not even consider offering. If you want new clients, you will have to offer unique, effective, innovative, and fun services plus an unbeatable, personalized treatment. I can assure you it will make a huge, positive difference in your business.

My entrepreneurial friend, if I have managed to transmit some confidence, take my advice, and apply technology in your gym. For me, it has meant a significant change, a turning point that I will never forget.

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