Electrofitness Benefits

Lesson 6

Learn about the secrets of advanced integral electrostimulation

Sport in general plays a fundamental role in our physical, psychological and social development. In addition, it has a high influence on the prevention of diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

The proper use of tools such as electrofitness will help us to achieve the benefits of sport as well as the specific advantages of the technology itself.

On a physiological and structural level, the benefits of using electrostimulation applied to sports, or electrofitness, are infinite. Let us go for it:

1. On a muscular level 

We obtain a higher percentage of activity from the fibers that make up our muscles. By applying electrostimulation, we obtain almost 90% of the total muscle being activated, whereas with conventional training we barely obtain more than 60-70% activation.

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2. At the structural level of the tendon

The tendons will suffer less stress due to the absence of weight required for muscle activation.

3. At the structural level of the joint

Related to the previous point, the absence of weight necessary for muscles activation means that our joints do not suffer since their is no joint impact.

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4. At the vascular and capillary level

Another important benefit is the increased blood circulation. A better blood circulation acts as a prevention in certain pathologies improving our state of health.

5. At the level of body posture

It helps to correct and work the stabilizing muscles responsible for protecting our body.

A correct body position will help us to relieve muscle pain caused by decompensation and will protect us from tension (e.g. lumbago) and back pain.

If we do not have an adequate cervical anatomical position, such as an increase in the physiological curvature, this can lead to extra effort to position the head correctly and be able to see in an upright position.

6. At the chemical level

To all these physiological benefits, we must add the effects produced at the chemical level.

Regular physical exercise causes the secretion of hormones that generate pleasure and well-being, resulting on a state of happiness. Endorphins are the most common and familiar ones. If you exercise, you will know exactly what I mean.

In the next lesson, we will focus on the relative and absolute indications and contraindications in the use of electrofitness.

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