Guide of the electrofitness options and parameters used

Lesson 10

Depending on the training objective we want to achieve with electrostimulation training, we should tailor the workout parameters accordingly. Different objectives require different types of training.

In electrofitness or when training with an electrostimulation suit, different types of training are carried out depending on the objective we are looking for. We are going to teach you how to train with electrofitness.

Electrofitness and strength increase

1. Toning up

This is a typical active training program used to activate as many muscles as possible. This program is designed to increase a person’s muscle mass.

Your chosen electrostimulation device should be ideally designed with different levels of intensity depending on the client profile. To begin with electrofitness, we recommend using the first level of intensity and increasing it according to the person’s progress.

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Electrofitness and weight loss

2. Metabolic training (Cardio)

Electrofitness is also used for weight loss and we have specific programs for this purpose. It is a type of active program, aimed at reducing the percentage of body fat.

This training is indicated both for toning with a higher level of intensity and for cardiovascular sessions that involve greater muscle activation with less rest time between stimulations.

It is the most complete program because it activates a large number of muscle fibers with less rest time. As with the toning programs, a professional electrofitness machine should have different levels of intensity for this kind of programs.

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Great results with Electrofitness

3. The ANTI-CELLULITE program 

It is a passive program designed to drain fat after our active training. The intensity and characteristics of this program are of lesser depth or pulse width because the fat tissue is in a more superficial layer than the muscle tissue.

Women tend to use this program more frequently because they usually have more cellulite than men do.

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4. Relaxation

It’s a passive program designed to calm you down. This passive program is indicated after the workout. That is, to be used after any active program. Through relaxation, we will achieve that all the vital signs and muscles return to the initial point before the person takes off the advanced integral electrostimulation suit.

In the next lesson, we will see the technical characteristics of the programs we have just seen. We will learn the purpose of each of the basic parameters that a professional electrostimulation device should provide.

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