Keys, tips and tricks for your Electrofitness training session

Lesson 8

The secrets of advanced integral electrostimulation training

The time has come to learn the basics that will allow you to achieve optimal results during your electrostimulation session and thus, build customer loyalty.

The following tips and keys will help you to better manage your training:

1. Rest

Rest is one of the most important variables in determining the duration of any training and the frequency in the number of sessions.

Rest will determine the amount of time needed between one training session and the next. Before starting a high-intensity session such as electrofitness, you must be properly rested.

The benefits derived from training with electrofitness are based on our body’s ability to respond to stimulation. Adaptation to stimulation is one of the principles that govern the workouts (we will see this in the next lesson).

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In terms of muscle structure, adaptation is a matter of chemistry. If we are not sufficiently rested before training, we will limit our body’s ability to adapt to the workout, and thereby achieve the goals we have set ourselves. Our musculature and its internal architecture must be fully prepared (rested) to receive the next stimulation.

2. Hydration (safety and efficiency)

Proper hydration will allow you to perform an electrostimulation workout in a safer way, avoiding the problems that derive from body dehydration.

Sweating is necessary for the proper balance of body fluids. When we sweat, we lose fluid so we will have to compensate it with an adequate hydration.

We totally discourage the practice of electrofitness and any physical activity in general with a low level of hydration or dehydration. Indeed, the best-case scenario is that we may get tired earlier during the session and our body may not be able to adapt to the load.

This hydration must be optimal both before training to achieve better results and avoid risk, and at the end of the session to recover the loss of body fluid caused during the electrofitness session.

The practice of any physical exercise results in the loss of fluid for the practitioner (athlete). We need to know how to treat this deficit. On the contrary, an insufficient hydration can have several problems such as:

  • Muscle strains.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Problems in internal organs such as the liver, kidneys or brain.

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3. Adapted nutritional supply

We must perfectly control the balance between caloric intake and expenditure. Knowing the amount of calories you take in relative to those you burn can provide us valuable information for planning our workouts.

Having a good caloric balance as well as knowing where they come from can make all the difference. You are what you eat, and even more so if you are an athlete. Nutrition is one of the pillars to achieve your goals.

Depending on the goal set, caloric intake and expenditure must be different:

  • To increase muscle mass or toning, the caloric intake should be higher than the expenditure, and this intake should come from protein to promote muscle creation.
  • To slim down or lose weight, the caloric expenditure should be higher than the intake to reduce fat or adipose tissue.

4. Sleeping hours and quality

A good rest is as important as the quality of the training itself. If we understand rest as the correct hormonal segregation that maintains and provokes the effects of training, the sleeping hours and the adequate quality of sleep make it a key element.

Conclusion for an adequate recovery

For a correct recovery that will allow us to carry out the next training session and following the previous principles, we need:

  • Rest
  • Hydration
  • Adequate nutritional supply
  • Sleeping hours and quality of sleep

After analyzing the factors that influence the quality of training, let us move on to evaluate the principles that govern training with the electrostimulation suit so that we can get the most out of it on a physical level. Don’t miss it.

After analyzing the factors that influence the quality of training, let us move on to evaluate the principles that govern training with the electrostimulation suit so that we can get the most out of it on a physical level. Do not miss our next lesson.

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