Keys to choose the best Electrofitness machine

Lesson 5

Advice before buying your Electrofitness machine

Let us now look at the main features that electrofitness or professionals sports electrostimulation equipment should have.

In addition to the previous lesson, you will get decisive and judicious information to help you choose the electrofitness device that best suits your needs.

1. Quality/Price ratio (value for money):

We will do our best to help you choose an equipment with a perfect balance between the acquisition price and the quality of the manufactured material.

  • As sports professionals in the sports sector, our most important variable when choosing our electrostimulation equipment must be quality. 

But… at what price?

There are certain brands where hundreds of people manage both the manufacturing and marketing process, resulting in an increase in the cost of acquisition by the customer. Consider that the more people involved in the production and marketing process, the higher the final price of the product.

We recommend you to choose an electrofitness device whose most important feature is the quality of its components, but at a reasonable price. There are many different options on the market.

Some brands have high quality equipment, but at an outrageous price. Our mission will be to find the best equipment with the best value for money on the market.

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  • Another important factor that also affects the price is the number of extra components that the pack comes with. 

In many cases, much of the material is never used because the application we are going to give it is not generic (the model that most brands use) but specific, using a certain material for a specific purpose.

To help you identify the most appropriate equipment, answer the following questions.

What will I use the elecrofitness equipment? Who is my customer? What kind of service will I provide?

Why do I want a pack that includes a machine and 4 suits, if I only need 1 electrostimulation suit for the use I want to give it?

This may be one of the keys to finding the best quality at the best price. These companies are usually highly digitalized, where human resources are highly optimized and processes are automated, following a protocol where the points of contact in the supply chain are greatly reduced to avoid increasing the final price of the product.

In conclusion, when acquiring your electrostimulation equipment, try to choose a company with low production/commercial costs and buy only what you need.

2. Enable customization of the parameters

A professional electrostimulation machine or an electrical stimulator must enable the customization of all the parameters that make up an electric wave.

At least, the parameters that need to be modified are:

  • Depth.
  • Stimulation frequency.
  • Contraction time.
  • Relaxation time. 

The combination of these four parameters gives us total training freedom to personalize it. If you are a personal trainer and wish to use electrostimulation applied to sports or electrofitness, the modification of these parameters should be taken into account.

Make sure the device you choose has the ability to customize these settings.

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Type of electric wave

Muscle contraction is caused by the electrical stimulation generated by the device. This electric wave must, therefore, comply with several requirements for the safety and effectiveness of the training:

  • Biphasic: Each stimulation is composed of a positive and a negative impulse.
  • Symmetrical: The positive and negative impulses are identical in shape.
  • Compensated: The power delivered to the muscle by the positive and negative impulses is the same. In this way, we will avoid possible burns.

Importance of Quality and Manufacturing origin

As mentioned earlier, the quality of the materials is the most important requirement when choosing electrostimulation equipment. After defining the variables that can modify the price without altering the quality, we will now focus only on the quality of the material.

To do so, it is important that we avoid low quality or Chinese made equipment and we check the place of manufacture.

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We have nothing against Chinese manufacturing, but we would like to point out that the bad experiences we have seen were in most cases due to manufacturing of questionable quality.

We must also verify the certificates as well as the quality tests that verify the device: CE marking or specific marking for any particular country.

Connection type

A significant factor that will define, among others, the training safety and freedom of movement is the connection used to communicate the electrostimulation machine and the suit.

Nowadays, third generation equipment has been developed where, besides having a totally wireless connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even radio frequency, it is a totally independent device.

We recommend acquiring a wireless equipment because it will allow to train in places that are impossible for first generation devices.

In addition, it would be perfect if the wireless connection chosen were by radio frequency, it is a safer communication system than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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