Keys to choose your ideal Electrostimulation suit

Lesson 4

Detailed features of the perfect electrostimulation suit

This lesson is fundamental; its value is priceless since it will allow you to distinguish perfectly between a professional equipment and a low-quality one.

In this content, we will see some very important variables to make the most appropriate decision.

These keys have been created after years of experience in the sector, both as a personal trainer and a distributor.

  • The appropriate number of electrodes has to be between 18-20 units. 

An electrostimulation suit should:

1. Fulfill the objective

First, we need to know our needs and what we want to use the electrostimulation suit for.

If the use is intended for a large number of users in a gym or a sports facility, we recommend that you choose an ADJUSTABLE suit that will allow you to use different sized users in the same suit. It is has greater versatility since the same suit can be used by different people as it has adjustable straps.

However, if you plan to use the electrostimulation suit with electrofitness for personal training or for a small number of users, we recommend a SKIN-type electrostimulation suit that fits like a glove and is fully adjusted to the body. For this kind of suit, each user will have a specific size and therefore you will need a greater number of units.

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2. Easy assembly and disassembly

Hygiene in electrofitness is one of the most important variables. This is the reason why some customers do not come back or abandon the activity.

We recommend you to use electrostimulation suits that allow for easy removal and insertion of the cables.

To ensure this, we must check whether the cables are visible or hidden. Normally, if the cables are visible, they are easier to handle.

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3. Enable training personalization 

The electrostimulation suit we choose should allow for personalization of the training session. The key is to provide excellent customer service.

In the adjustable version, the personalization of the training is based on the ability to move the electrodes inside and, for the skin version, the personalization lies on its total adaptation to the body.

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4. Should it be made in one piece or two separate pieces?

Whether the electrostimulation suit is adjustable or skin type, the experience dictates that it should be made in one piece.

The suit is made in one piece because if we have a separated top and bottom (two pieces), there is a very high probability that the bottom will end up falling and sliding down while training.

The problem is that we disturb the customer every time this happens because we have to stop the training for safety reasons and then resume it. We have also noticed a deterioration over time of the fasteners that fix the bottom part on the legs.

5. Electrodes coating

We recommend electrostimulation suits in which the electrodes are covered by a layer of protective cotton fabric in order to guarantee humidity and avoid possible burns due to a dry electrode.

6. Combine mobility and resistance

These two variables are the most important features that our electrostimulation suit must have.

A perfect harmony between the durability marked by the quality of the material and the freedom of movement obtained by the flexibility of its components.

Neoprene and elastane, for example, are an ideal combination to achieve this quality.

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7. Be reinforced in stress areas

Our ideal electrostimulation suit should have or provide additional bracing in the areas where it is under the most strain.

These tension zones are located at the hip where the upper and lower parts of the electrostimulation suit meet and during plyometric exercises with a wide range of movement such as full squat or crosstraining exercises for example.

I recommend that you study in depth the different types of electrostimulation suits in order o make the best decision for your personal characteristics. In our specialized web you have all the information you need.

In the following chapter, we will define the most important keys and tips to help you choose the other fundamental piece (machine or device), with which you will be able to carry out your workouts, offering the maximum guarantee for each client.

I encourage you to try the system and see what the technology can do for your client.

SmartBodyFit®️ promotes the responsible use of electrostimulation as a tool to improve physical condition, recommending the study and in-depth analysis of the characteristics and properties of the device before its acquisition. It requires quality certificates and offers a responsible and professional service.

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