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Placing the electrodes in the electrofitness Suit

Lesson 12 The electrodes connect the electrostimulation device to our muscles. The electrofitness machine transmits the signal through the electrodes until it reaches its destination in the safest and most efficient way possible. The effectiveness of muscle contraction targeted by the electrodes will depend on: Type and size of the electrodes There are different types

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Technical parameters for the Electrofitness suit

Lesson 11 Knowing in detail the usefulness of each adjustable parameter can make the difference between a trainer and a professional electrofitness coach. This lesson is slightly more technical so you should pay more attention to assimilate as much knowledge as possible. The parameters used in any electrostimulation machine are as follows: Wave type, pulse

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Guide of the electrofitness options and parameters used

Lesson 10 Depending on the training objective we want to achieve with electrostimulation training, we should tailor the workout parameters accordingly. Different objectives require different types of training. In electrofitness or when training with an electrostimulation suit, different types of training are carried out depending on the objective we are looking for. We are going

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Sports training principles applied to electrofitness

Lesson 9 The secrets of advanced integral electrostimulation training If you want to get the most out of your training, you need to understand the principles that govern sports training to optimize its effects and thus achieve your goals quicker. Physical training is defined as the planned and systematic implementation of measures (training content and

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Keys, tips and tricks for your Electrofitness training session

Lesson 8 The secrets of advanced integral electrostimulation training The time has come to learn the basics that will allow you to achieve optimal results during your electrostimulation session and thus, build customer loyalty. The following tips and keys will help you to better manage your training: 1. Rest Rest is one of the most

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Recommendations Prior to Training with Electrofitness

Lesson 7 Do not do any electrostimulation training without seeing this. Knowing the exact indications and contraindications for electrofitness training will help you to provide a safe and quality service. I also recommend you to know your client, his/her information or clinical history can give you many clues to offer him/her a fully personalized service.

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Electrofitness Benefits

Lesson 6 Learn about the secrets of advanced integral electrostimulation Sport in general plays a fundamental role in our physical, psychological and social development. In addition, it has a high influence on the prevention of diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes. The proper use of tools such as electrofitness will help us to achieve

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Keys to choose the best Electrofitness machine

Lesson 5 Advice before buying your Electrofitness machine Let us now look at the main features that electrofitness or professionals sports electrostimulation equipment should have. In addition to the previous lesson, you will get decisive and judicious information to help you choose the electrofitness device that best suits your needs. 1. Quality/Price ratio (value for

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Keys to choose your ideal Electrostimulation suit

Lesson 4 Detailed features of the perfect electrostimulation suit This lesson is fundamental; its value is priceless since it will allow you to distinguish perfectly between a professional equipment and a low-quality one. In this content, we will see some very important variables to make the most appropriate decision. These keys have been created after

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