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Electrostimulation Suit Categories

Lesson 3 Comparison between the different types of suits This lesson is of great importance, as we will be able to clearly differentiateboth the various suit types according to the use we have in mind, and thefundamental features they must have in order to achieve the most optimaland long-lasting effect in our electrostimulation training. We

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How Does Electrostimulation Work?

Lesson 2 What do you need to get started with Electrofitness? A proper training following the electrofitness methodology by applying electrostimulation to our body requires professional equipment. It is essential that you take into account the different elements that make up a professional advanced integral electrostimulation equipment in order to distinguish and differentiate the essential

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Electrofitness Fundamentals

Lesson 1 Concept and physiology of Electrostimulation What is Electrofitness? Electrofitness is understood as the application of electrostimulation in the sports field, also considered as sports electrostimulation applied to Fitness. What effect does electrostimulation have on the muscles? Sports electrostimulation causes involuntarily muscle contraction by means of electrical impulses. Let us look at the different

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