Placing the electrodes in the electrofitness Suit

Lesson 12

The electrodes connect the electrostimulation device to our muscles. The electrofitness machine transmits the signal through the electrodes until it reaches its destination in the safest and most efficient way possible.

The effectiveness of muscle contraction targeted by the electrodes will depend on:

Type and size of the electrodes

There are different types of electrodes, both in terms of the shape and composition of the manufacturing material. We recommend using electrodes of a specific shape and size for each muscle, and not the same predetermined size for all muscles.

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Avoid electrofitness brands that incorporate standard electrodes, with similar shape in all electrodes. Professional equipment has a specific shape for each electrode, because each muscle has different features.

Number of electrodes

Make sure that your electrostimulation suit and, therefore, the machine has enough channels to activate not only the maximun number of muscles possible but also as the ones, we are looking for. We do not activate biceps or triceps (arm muscles) as we do quadriceps or hamstrings (leg muscles).

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How the electrodes are placed

Placing the electrodes is very important to obtain satisfactory results. The key is the adequate stimulation of the motor point of the muscle to be exercised (the muscle contraction used is the one with the lowest possible intensity or the area where the electrodes are most effective).

For that reason, it is therefore very important that our electrostimulation suit should have the possibility to change the position of the electrodes inside it. This will facilitate the appropriate stimulation of the motor point.

Remember that each person has a different body structure and therefore each
workout should be different
(placing the electrodes in different positions for a
correct activation of the motor point).

The adaptation of the electrostimulation suit also plays a major role as we obtain a better contact between the electrode and the contracted tissue or muscle.

In conclusion, for optimal results, the electrodes should be placed on the motor point of the muscles to be exercised with perfect contact between the surfaces.

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