Practical guide for Electrofitness sessions and exercises for beginners and advanced users

Lesson 13

With this practical guide, we will teach you routines for your electrofitness workouts. This way you will never feel alone. Enjoy them!

Beginner and Advanced’s Fitness Program

We have prepared a practical guide with the programs of the electrostimulation machine or device to be carried out and the number of programs in the personal trainer software, so that you can enjoy your training at home or in the gym with the maximum guarantee of success.

The first table is intended to get you started, while the second one is intended for a higher level of fitness.

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Hope you enjoy it!

Beginner’s Fitness Program

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Remember to acquire the necessary knowledge for the proper programming of electrostimulation sessions, such as the intensity and parameters used according to your needs and objectives and the adequate rest time between sessions.

Advanced Fitness Program

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SmartBodyFit®️ promotes the responsible use of electrostimulation as a tool to improve physical condition, recommending the study and in-depth analysis of the characteristics and properties of the device before its acquisition. It requires quality certificates and offers a responsible and professional service.

SmartbodyFit®️ offers you personalized technical support aimed at solving all possible doubts that may arise during the entire process, from the comparative study of the best options available to the integration of the service and operation of the device.

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