Recommendations Prior to Training with Electrofitness

Lesson 7

Do not do any electrostimulation training without seeing this.

Knowing the exact indications and contraindications for electrofitness training will help you to provide a safe and quality service. I also recommend you to know your client, his/her information or clinical history can give you many clues to offer him/her a fully personalized service.

  • Before starting your electrostimulation training, the client must complete a simple test (informed consent), where he/she will provide information about the user’s health as mentioned above.

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If the test is negative, I recommend that the user’s doctor decide whether the training session can be performed or not. In case of doubt, it is always the doctor who must decide whether the person can train or not.

Let us continue with further recommendations for you as a trainer as well as for the user, before starting training sessions.

1. Ensure a sufficient supply of liquid to moisten the electrostimulation suit to avoid possible burns.

2. Do not eat right before a training session.

3. If you have any health problems, please contact your doctor before starting the training (as mentioned above).

4. It is recommended that a physical fitness test be carried out before starting a new sports activity.

5. If the user has a pacemaker, training is strictly forbidden.

6. Stop training if symptoms such as shortness of breath or dizziness appear.

7. Never hold your breath while exercising.

8. At the beginning of the training, warm up properly to prepare your body for physical activity.

9. Wear appropriate sports shoes.

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Now that we know some basic aspects to take into account when training with electrostimulation, let us go on to describe in detail the perfect training session. Do not miss our next lesson.

🧠 >>We recommend an in-depth analysis to find out all the features and functionalities of your electrostimulation equipment, so that your decision will be the most appropriate according to your needs<<

SmartBodyFit®️ promotes the responsible use of electrostimulation as a tool to improve physical condition, recommending the study and in-depth analysis of the characteristics and properties of the device before its acquisition. It requires quality certificates and offers a responsible and professional service.

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