Sports training principles applied to electrofitness

Lesson 9

The secrets of advanced integral electrostimulation training

If you want to get the most out of your training, you need to understand the principles that govern sports training to optimize its effects and thus achieve your goals quicker.

Physical training is defined as the planned and systematic implementation of measures (training content and methods) for the sustainable achievement of objectives through sports subject to different laws. HOHMANN (2003).

This, in addition to biological influencing factors such as genetics, psychological and educational factors play an important role. In order to achieve better results, they must adhere with the general principles of training. WEINECK (2003):

1. Principle of effective stimulation

The electrofitness session must be carried out in such a way that the stimulation program offered to the user satisfies several criteria, such as appropriate personalization and intensity. The amount of stimulation required (number of training sessions in a week) depends on the user’s fitness condition.

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2. Principle of load increase

The physiological adaptation produced by the training effect is extremely valuable. A gradual increase in load will lead to surprising results. We can achieve such an effect by correctly modifying the parameters as well as the intensities of the different predefined programs.

  • Stimulation frequency.
  • Pulse width or wave depth.
  • Contraction time.
  • Relaxation time.
  • Stimulation intensity.

3. Principle of load change

We have to remember that to obtain proper effects, our body has to adapt to the training load (stimulation). If the stimulation is always the same, our body will not need any adaption. This means that we must continually vary our training (stimulation) to achieve the desired effects.

The principle of load change can be achieved by modifying the selection of training exercises. This, the inexperienced user can start with isometric (non-movement) exercises and move on to dynamic exercises; this avoids the stagnation of the physical condition caused by the monotony and similarity of the stimulus.

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4. Principle of optimal relaxation between effort and recovery

The user has to maintain a sufficient recovery time. To determine the optimal rest time, we first need to know the fitness condition of the trainee. Fitness level is a key element to decide how much time your muscles and metabolic system will need to recover for the next electrofitness session.

At first, the ideal training frequency for the beginner is once or twice a week. We have already seen this in previous lessons, but do not forget the value of recovery and rest for training purposes.

Once we understand the sports principles applied to electrofitness, let us move on to the next lesson to see the different training options we can do with this fantastic tool to achieve our goals.

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