The 4 REASONS why you do not have more clients as a PERSONAL TRAINER

Hello trainer!

Would you like to have a wider client portfolio, and be able to live exclusively from personal training?

Do you have questions in your head that you have never sat down to ask or solve? Below, I have listed some reasons that the vast majority of trainers believe to be the cause of not having more personal training clients.

  • The training or service I offer as a trainer is not the most suitable.
  • Clients cannot afford a personal training service.
  • There are not enough people demanding the personal training service.

Do you think the listed above are the main reasons why you do not have more personal training sessions? Let’s find out:

After almost 12 years as a personal trainer, I have gone through numerous stages, and one of my biggest concerns when starting this competitive profession and especially in periods of crisis has been how to increase my client base.

Let me tell you that by being a personal trainer, you are also a manager of your own business. As such, there are several strategies that you have to learn to develop so that your business evolves, and your client base and retention increases.

Below I have listed the four reasons that, thanks to my experience in the field, I consider are the mains reasons why personal trainers do not increase their client base. I believe that if you learn and apply them, you will be able to increase the number of clients and reduce the dropout rate.

Reason 1: We do not have a client acquisition system

Just as we know perfectly well how to plan a training session for a user to meet his or her objectives (lose weight or increase muscle mass), we also have to design and learn how to implement the necessary strategies for acquiring new clients.

As we have already commented in other lessons, some of the strategies that will lead us to increase our income are based on achieving RESULTS in order to generate the necessary confidence in our client and thus achieve maximum client loyalty.

Any system for client acquisition must meet the following requirements:

  • It must be a system that awakens interest (fun, novel, and unique.)
  • It must meet the objectives that our client requests: results
  • It must be a system that we get the first results in a short time.
  • It must endow us with the maximum confidence of the client, making us an authority in the sector.

Reason 2: We do not apply technology in our services

Not applying technology in our training sessions can be one of the main reasons why we do not have more clients, in addition to having a direct effect on increasing the dropout rate after the completion of the typical 10-session training bonus.

Applying the latest technology in the fitness sector means:

  • Increasing the effects obtained in comparison with conventional training and consequently, your client will achieve visible, long-lasting and consistent results.
  • Achieving in a shorter time, the results that our client wants, and therefore the trust placed in us will increase. We will see later on how winning the client’s trust is synonymous with success.
  • Making the client feel special by applying technology in their training session. If you use a special, unique and exclusive tool (technology), you will get the attention and motivation of your client.
  • Breaking the monotony. Using technology means performing diverse workouts with different tools than those used in typical personal training sessions.

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Reason 3: We do not have any system that allows us to scale up our personal training service

If you want to scale up your training service, you cannot rely solely on face-to-face sessions to generate money as a personal trainer.

We have to apply enough technology to allow me to increase turnover without having to be physically present with the client.

Think about providing support to your clients with fully scheduled sessions on the days you do not have face-to-face sessions with them.

Become a DIGITAL trainer and monitor your client through direct communication at a distance using the latest technology.

The tools that we use in Smartbodyfit combined with electrofitness will allow you to scale your business by increasing turnover since it is not necessary to be physically present at the training session with the user.

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Reason 4: We do not provide results in the first sessions

The goal of an excellent personal trainer is to provide results, so you better pull your socks up and find the best formula to get the results you have promised your client in the shortest time possible.

As you well know, the benefit of practicing sports comes in the medium to long term, but you also have to understand that the initial phase of creating a good rapport with the new client is very important.

I recommend that in addition to planning and meeting long-term goals, you present your client in the short term the desired effect he/she wants in order to increase the confidence placed in you as a trainer.

In order to achieve the goals set, I recommend that you rely on the latest technology, such as advanced integral electrostimulation. With it, you will manage to reduce the risk of not achieving the client’s results.

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In a few sessions, your client will be able to see the following effects:

  • Reduction of the fat and increase of the muscular mass percentage (you can verify it with a bioimpedance). The application of electrofitness achieves a strong activation of more than 350 muscles simultaneously, causing a rapid distribution of body composition. In a few sessions, our tissues will modify their constitution.
  • Soreness effect. In the first sessions, our client needs to feel the effect of the training, and one of the tools he or she uses is the degree of muscle breakdown. Without overdoing it, provide that soreness effect so that your client feels that he or she actually workout.
  • Cellulite reduction. When you train with girls and use advanced integral electrostimulation, you will be amazed, or rather, your client will be surprised by the rapid anti-cellulite effects obtained with just a few sessions. The system has a specific program for this.
  • Visual or aesthetic improvement. It uses the latest technology to make your client perceive in 2 or 3 sessions a visible change in his or her body.
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To achieve this effect in a few sessions, use a high-intensity training, also enhancing its effect through the strong muscle contraction of all the body’s musculature.

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Without the right technology, let me tell you, it is going to be more difficult. I have nothing against well-planned traditional training, but you have to start thinking about the results the user wants and not the training you are going to sell him or her. Remember, the user wants results, and we have to sell them.

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Technology and digitalization have burst into the fitness sector with great force. Therefore, do not remain old-fashioned with the service you offer and increase your income by adapting to the current situation of the new client who demands more results in less time.

I encourage you to try the system and see what technology can do for your client.

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