TIPS to increase the clientele of your medical/aesthetic CENTER

Do you feel that you can get more out of your beauty salon or medical/aesthetic center? Are you one of those entrepreneurs who seek continuous improvement?

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Congratulations! If you are the owner of a medical/aesthetic center, you are a real fighter. I know it first hand since I manage three centers in Spain.

Center or clinical managers are all-rounders since they have to deal with countless daily tasks, from employee management to schedule planning, machinery maintenance, or quarterly accounting. 

Managing a medical/aesthetic center is not an easy task, and even less so with the new type of clients who need fast and long-lasting results. However, if you want to increase your income, I am going to present you with a method with which I have managed to revolutionize my aesthetic center. If you want different results, you will have to apply different strategies.

One of the biggest problems for aesthetic salons is that the clientele is looking for complementary services that are not available within the center itself.

Let me tell you about the importance of incorporating tools to offer a sports service that complements medical-aesthetic therapies to increase the income of your business.

If you want to get the most out of your medical/aesthetic center, you have to offer the client what they want. This is the only way you will avoid customer attrition or clients abandoning your center to go to another.

The services most requested by the clientele are sports, but not just any sports service. The average client seeks to do sports, not only for pleasure but also for body concerns.

In addition, this client looks for a quick and effective exercise. I encourage you to try and then incorporate the electrofitness service in your center. The space required for its installation is minimal, and the profitability you can get out of it is incredible. Furthermore, you will prevent your client from abandoning and looking for a solution to his or her problem somewhere else.

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Do you know the effect you can achieve in your beauty treatments by combining them with sport?

In order to enhance the expected results from the point of view of physical image, medical aesthetic therapy must be accompanied by sports practice. Your clientele will obtain fast and long-lasting results- a guarantee of success for your business. Remember that if we have the client’s trust, we have everything.

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Do you want to lose weight? How about combining cavitation with an electrofitness workout? Sport, according to science, is an essential element for our lives. Practicing it is the key to have a healthy body both inside and out.

However, if you are looking to reduce cellulite, I challenge you to try the anti-cellulite treatment after the combined training with the medical aesthetic therapy you currently use. The results will amaze you.

Do you know the benefits of electrofitness? Do you have an idea of ​​the caloric expenditure of training with the electrostimulation suit?

The user in a few sessions will see very significant changes, such as:

  • Fat percentage reduction and muscle mass increase. In order for the user to verify with data the changes that are taking place in his/her body, you can offer him/her a quick bioelectrical impedance analysis.
  • Soreness effect. We have commented on the importance of achieving what our client is looking for in a short time. Be careful not to overdo it with intensity in each of the muscle groups. With this technology, you can literally break the muscles. The intensity should gradually be increased session after session.
  • Cellulite reduction. This system has a specific anti-cellulite program, which is used after the training session. Women love it. 
  • Visual and aesthetic improvement. If we change the internal structure of muscles and tendons and our organism’s metabolism, we will obtain visible changes in our figure in a short time.

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Do you think you do not have the necessary knowledge to be able to offer the service in your center?

Do not worry about it. If you are not a sport trainer, it is totally normal. You already have enough with managing and knowing the medical-aesthetic world.

Smartbodyfit and its electrofitness service comes with a virtual trainer with more than 250 videos on which you can lean on, and your clientele will be able to work out on their own. 

You do not need to have previous knowledge of the exercises to be performed. All you need is to have a minimum knowledge to place the suit and the appropriate parameters according to our client’s objective.

Enjoy electrofitness with the virtual trainer’s support and offer a hands-free service that will help you increase income in your aesthetic center.

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SmartBodyFit®️ promotes the responsible use of electrostimulation as a tool to improve physical condition, recommending the study and in-depth analysis of the characteristics and properties of the device before its acquisition. It requires quality certificates and offers a responsible and professional service.


SmartbodyFit®️ offers you a personalized technical support aimed at solving all possible doubts that may arise during the entire process, from the comparative study of the best options available to the integration of the service and operation of the device.

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